Edwin Rios tops list of fantasy baseball pickups

Yahoo Fantasy analysts Scott Pianowski and Dalton Del Don offer some waiver options in the National League.

Video Transcript


SCOTT PIANOWSKI: Fantasy championships aren't drafted. They are built on the waiver wire and today we're going to try to help you give you some pickups who can give your team a shot in the arm. Dalton Del Don, I need some offense and I want somebody on the West Coast. What do you got for me?

DALTON DEL DON: I got a couple for you. First one, Edwin Rios on the Dodgers. First base and third base eligible. He had some nice buzz in spring when he showed up healthy unlike last year. And now, he's looking at an everyday role at least against righties with Max Muncy on the IL indefinitely as he continues to battle that elbow issue.

Now Rios does strikeout a lot, but he has legit power. You should rack up counting stats. Hitting in the-- he's been hitting in the middle of the Dodgers lineup which is the best in baseball. Mookie Betts is on pace to score 175 runs in that lineup so Rios is rostered in less than 15% of Yahoo leagues. So go get 'em.

SCOTT PIANOWSKI: You just make me happy saying Mookie Betts. I'd also pick up Mookie Betts if he's available, probably not in most Yahoo leagues. I'm going to play a little Midwest bias. I like what Christopher Morel is doing in Chicago. He's taking control of this lead off spot. What do you want to lead off hitter to do? You want him to make contact, you want him to work the strike zone, draw some walks, steal some bases. He had a recent four game stretch where he stole a base hit every game and he qualifies at three different positions in Yahoo.

He may pick up a fourth before long so he's versatile, a little bit of pop, he may hit 10 to 12 home runs in a full season. I think he might steal 25 bases. I know when you pick up some of these rabbits they can be hit or miss. I thought Eli White a few weeks ago was a good pick up. It turns out that was a total flop, but I think Christopher Morel has staying power in Chicago and I've added him everywhere I can.

DALTON DEL DON: My final one is Evan Longoria in San Francisco. Call me a homer. He's been off to a slow start as expected coming off finger surgery, but he has been heating up. 5 homers over the last week. Longoria was in the top 1% of the league in average exit velocity last season and the newly introduced humidor in San Francisco has actually made it a better hitter's park this season because of the climate in the Bay.

You know, Longoria remains an injury risk currently day to day with a shoulder issue, but third base is incredibly thin in fantasy. And a few other stars have recently hit the IL there and Longoria is available in nearly 90% of Yahoo leagues. Go get him.

SCOTT PIANOWSKI: He's also been a lefty crusher for most of his career so whenever you're playing DFS and San Francisco's up against a left handed starter, good time to dial up Longoria. We know the Giants are also a very platoon heavy team. Mike Yastrzemski's been doing great work. He hit over 300 I believe in May. He's back in business.

It's fun to see San Francisco playing as an offensive arc. For years it was just Death Valley. I mean, imagine how many home runs Barry Bonds, your man in your background there, would have hit if he was in a different park. But it's just fun to see San Francisco offensively friendly and even offense coming back in May has been much welcome for me.

One of my fantasy hacks, what I love to do, is wait after a few weeks, look at the winning teams in baseball, look at their relievers, look at the walk strikeout rates, and you can get some great values. If you did that, the Yankees gave us a bunch of great pickups earlier in the year. We're even getting saves there.

I like Daniel Hudson on the Dodgers. He's the number two reliever in this bullpen and I'm not sure that maybe by the end of the year, he may not be their first guy. He's going to get some wins, he's going to get some saves, he's got a plus strikeout rate, he's got good ratios.

So Hudson's the pick up, but basically look at all the winning teams in baseball, look at the walk strikeout rate. That's still for all the great metrics we have right now, walk and strikeout rate is the water or fantasy baseball. It will get you where you need to go. You can so often pick up JP Feyereisen you can get for almost nothing in a lot of leagues.

That's in a lot of run yet in Tampa Bay. I think he might be their most valuable reliever. It seems like the Rays churn out these guys out of nowhere every season. Do not draft middle relief heroes. Do not draft non closing heroes before the season. They will come up to you in the early part of the year and again, the walk strikeout rate is your best friend. That's how to locate these players.


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