Eagles trade for WR AJ Brown, send 1st and 3rd Round picks to Titans | PFF Draft Show

The PFF team discusses the Philadelphia Eagles’ blockbuster trade for Pro Bowl WR AJ Brown, sending a 1st and a 3rd Round pick to the Tennessee Titans.

Video Transcript

- Adam Schefter just said the Tennessee Titans are planning to trade AJ Brown to the Philadelphia Eagles.

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- Oh my Lord.

- Do you understand the shoulder?

- I can see why.

- Oh my God.

- This is a quarterback pick, isn't it? Right? The Titans with Tannehill? Don't you think?

- Maybe.

- There we some very faint whispers of them maybe being in on a quarterback. Austin, what do you think about this?

- AJ Brown was traded for five picks more and a first round pick to Marquise Brown, which is just absolutely insane to me. AJ Brown is well worth the first round pick that, obviously, the Eagles are trading for. He's going to come in and immediately be with DeVonta Smith, AJ Brown, this is how you bet on Jalen Hurts.

- 18 overall and a third round pick, that's it?

- That's it. That's what I'm saying. That doesn't make any sense, the Marquise Brown trade. Marquise Brown was drafted at 25 and traded for 23. Like, he elevated his value over the course of the last three years. That makes no sense. AJ Brown gets traded for 18 and the Eagles now have DeVonta Smith, AJ Brown.

This is how you evaluate Jalen Hurts. If you want to bet on Jalen Hurts and you want to evaluate him and you're going to push draft capital in the next year because you're going to maybe look at quarterback then, you give them everything you got. And now, AJ Brown, DeVonta Smith, that is legit, especially in the division. The Cowboys only got worse this offseason. They lose La'el Collins, they lose Amari Cooper, they lose Randy Gregory. Here come the Eagles, man. That is a phenomenal turn around.

- Eagles are not Messing around right now.

- And JJ Arcega-Whitseside a tight end now.

- Stop.


- But AJ Brown, you're exactly right because Hurts, you're going to find out, you're going to need a catch and run guy. And that's exactly what he is. He is big and so strong, that is a fantastic move by the Philadelphia Eagles. No matter what they have to pay him. Now, they may be looking at that contract, right? Because now we're in a new era of what we're going to have to pay wide receivers.

- He's eligible for one now.

- Yeah. So he's going to get a monster contract. But I think for the Philadelphia Eagles, they are fine with that.

- They just turned their two first round picks and Jordan Davis and AJ Brown, that's nuts.

- It's going to be a good Instagram of them shirtless together.

- Of them shirtless together? That's where your mind first went to? The Instagram with them shirtless together.

- It's the offseason, what else?

- It's not the offseason yet. We're in the first round of the draft. OK. That's absolutely wild. Seth, what do you think about Jalen Hurts getting AJ Brown to go alongside DeVonta Smith and that offense that we have with the Philadelphia Eagles now?

- Well, I think the interesting thing to me is that I'm not sure it's like the perfect fit because we talked about this before, AJ Brown is a slant and dig runner. He hits the middle of the field better than anyone, almost anyone in the league right now. That is not where Jalen Hurts targets the field. So I think you're going to tell Hurts, hey, we've got to start targeting the middle of the field because it's going to bring our offense to the next level. If we don't do that, we're wasting AJ Brown.

I'm concerned a bit for that. But, obviously, AJ Brown, he's an incredible receiver. So it'll elevate the offense a bit, it just doesn't fit in perfectly for what Jalen Hurts wants.

- You're assuming, though, Jalen Hurts is going to be the long term answer there.

- Well, he's the perfect fit for CJ Strodden in 2022.

- I think that they are on a one-year only tryout basis with Jalen Hurts. They're giving him the weapons and they're going to find out if he's got the goods now.

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