Doc Rivers takes the fall for latest 76ers failure | Ball Don’t Lie

Yahoo Sports NBA writer Vince Goodwill is joined by The Athletic’s David Aldridge on the “Ball Don’t Lie” podcast to discuss the Philadelphia 76ers decision to fire Doc Rivers after three seasons with the team, and if Rivers and the other recently fired coaches deserved their fate.

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Video Transcript

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VINCENT GOODWILL: I don't know what you can expect a coach to do when you got Jayson Tatum on the other side going for 50. And he tried a lot of stuff. He tried some of everything.

He tried different defenders. He tried dropping. He tried switching.

DAVID ALDRIDGE: Yeah, but look, coaches understand they get fired when they lose like this-- they lose like that, I should say.


DAVID ALDRIDGE: They get fired. And I think Doc's-- Doc's a grown-up. He understands the business. He was brought there to get them to a Finals. They have not gotten to a Finals.

So whether it's fair or not, those were the expectations for that franchise. And Monty Williams, one of the best coaches in the league, completely changed the whole culture of the Phoenix Suns along with Chris Paul, and now, they're both going to be on their way out, you know what I'm saying? Or you know, very likely they're both on their way out.

And that's just life in the big city, man. It's not fair, but you know, nobody cares. Nobody cares. Nobody cares that Mike Budenholzer's brother died the morning of Game 5. Nobody cares.

You know, I've gotten so many tweet responses because I had the audacity to say maybe y'all could have waited a week before you fired Bud.


DAVID ALDRIDGE: Maybe you could have waited a week, let him grieve his brother's death, you know, even though he coached two games for you guys after his brother died. He never asked out. He never said, I can't do this, I'm emotionally drained. And he said, no, I'll try my best.

And maybe his best wasn't good enough that day. But I'm just saying even if you want to fire him, you could have a little bit of grace, you know? But yeah, nobody cares. Nobody cares, you know? And so that's-- that's the business they've chosen.

VINCENT GOODWILL: That's the business.

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