Dinwiddie stock rising, Deandre stock falling in fantasy hoops

Yahoo Fantasy analyst Dan Titus looks at risers and fallers in his Week 5 stock watch.

Video Transcript

DAN TITUS: Week four is a wrap. And I have three players who I'm going to talk about whose stock is either rising or falling, headed into week five. Let's kick things off with Spencer Dinwiddie of the Dallas Mavericks. Dinwiddie entered top 40 status after a couple of big games in week four. He's 35th in per game value. And he's on pace to average a career high in minutes, 3's made and steals this year.

His scoring output has been the highest it's been since the bubble. He's thriving as a starter alongside Luka Doncic as the second option. And with a preseason ADP at 120, he's currently providing third round value. Absolutely obliterating his ADP, this guy's stock is on the rise.

The next player whose stock is up is Clint Capela of the Atlanta Hawks. Capela comes in to week five, averaging 11 points and 12 rebounds, a nightly double double with 1 and 1/2 blocks. His preseason ADP was 82, but right now he's providing fourth round value. So Capela was a guy that I was fading relative to his ADP this off season, mainly because I thought that the emergence of Onyeka Okongwu would actually eat into his minutes. But it hasn't mattered much. This hawk continues to soar as he's currently 43rd in per game value, heading into week five.

And the last person I want to talk about is Deandre Ayton, whose stock is falling. Did you see this guy's presser in the beginning of the preseason? Yikes. All things are pointing to this not being a good season for Deandre Ayton. And the stats back it up. This guy is down in just about every statistical category, except assist since last year. He's only averaging 7.3 rebounds, which would be a career low for him if he keeps that up this season.

Now, his inconsistent play hasn't seen to disrupt those Phoenix Suns. They continue to win. But Ayton looks like he wants to join Jae Crowder on the trade block here. His stock is down. And I'm not seeing any indication that he's going to be able to improve in the short term.