Demi Lovato reveals the singer who inspired Trump-bashing song “Commander in Chief”

Demi Lovato first debuted her anti-Trump song “Commander in Chief” last month at the Billboard Music Awards, and on Late Night With Seth Meyers Tuesday night, she revealed he singer who inspired the controversial song. Lovato said that she changed her approach to songwriting after looking around at what’s happening in the world, and making the decision to look outside herself when writing songs. She also said that unlike in the sixties and seventies, there aren’t a lot of songs about what’s happening politically in this country right now. But for “Commander in Chief,” Lovato only had to look back 14 years to Pink’s 2006 scathing rebuke of former President George W. Bush. Lovato said she wanted to make a newer version of Pink’s hit, and she succeeded. Both songs strike a dark, ominous tone, while the singers beautifully lament the respective presidents.