David Duchovny on the election, his new anti-Trump single, and if Fox Mulder would join QAnon

David Duchovny took to songwriting roughly 10 years ago and is about to release his third album, "Gestureland" which includes his new anti-Trump single, "Layin' on the Tracks."

The actor and recording artist spoke with Yahoo Entertainment the day after the election, when results were still very much in flux.

"I can't put up with another four years of this guy," Duchovny said, adding that he went to bed depressed but woke up with renewed hope that Joe Biden may win.

Duchovny also weighed in on one of his most beloved characters, Fox Mulder of "The X-Files," who was an avid conspiracy theorist. With misinformation and conspiracy theories abounding on social media, Duchovny thought Mulder would find fertile ground in today's world.

"I'd be sitting here going, 'So Mulder, he'd be like a QAnon [member]?'" he said. "And that bothers me. And I'd like to think that's not true ... because Mulder was on to something true."

He added, "[But] the QAnon people would say the same thing, they'd say, 'we're on to something true.'"