Can Dave Canales save Bryce Young’s career? | The Exempt List

Yahoo Sports NFL writer Charles McDonald and NFL analyst Nate Tice discuss whether new Panthers HC Dave Canales can get Bryce Young on the right track after doing so with QBs such as Geno Smith and Baker Mayfield. Hear the full conversation on “The Exempt List with Charles McDonald” - part of the “Zero Blitz” podcast - and subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or wherever you listen.

Video Transcript

If you trade picks that have become K Williams, Jalen Carter, plus the addition of DJ Moore who was fantastic for Chicago.

I voted him as my second team all pro last year.

Pretty good, pretty good.

And before Jalen Carter hit that rookie wall last year, he looked like a damn all pro too.

So we'll see, you might have just traded two all pro players, two all pro Caler players plus Caleb Williams who also has all pro potential for Bryce Young.

That guy needs to be something, needs, needs to be something for that trade to even remotely start to tipping the balance in terms of just being like a slight loss instead of one of the worst trades in the history of the NFL.

Yeah, you can point at Jared Goff or even Trevor.

Well, Trevor is supremely more talented.

I thought Goff had Sean Fricking mcveigh and then they signed Robert Woods.

Andrew Whitworth, Brandon Cooks.

Um, they had Todd Gurley, they had Aaron Donald on the other side of the ball and Haven signed.



Oh my, the offensive line Saffold.

Um, so, I mean, but then, and then you got mcveigh who I'm, I think it's easy to say is one of the best play callers in recent memory and play designers.

Yeah, that's, that'll help.

And I'm not saying like, and that's the thing I like Canalis.

I thought he did a really nice job with the Bucks last year.

But it's like, you know, Izzy mcveigh, we'll see, you know, but also, but I just think the personnel is just, you know, we're still grasping at straws.

Even the receivers they took, you know, Mingo is more of a projecty type.

Uh, last year.

Uh Leggette is very explosive and everything, but he's considered raw too and he was a late bloomer as well and it's like, I don't know, it's not, you're not really helping him as much as I thought they would.

I thought they could have gone for like a big, true, more steady guy.

Maybe not high end.

But I think he needs more steadiness around him more than anything just to help him out.