Danny Trejo guest starring on 'The Flash' is the best thing to happen this season

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Danny Trejo took a break from selling delicious tacos to guest star on The Flash. His character was a galactic bounty hunter named Breacher and he came to Earth-1 to talk to his daughter's boyfriend, Cisco.

In order for Breacher to approve of Cisco dating Gypsy, Cisco must survive 24 hours of being hunted by Breacher. And the one caveat is that neither of them can use their powers.

Cisco managed to hide from Breacher until a case of mistaken identity forced him to confront the over-protective father.

As Breacher was about to kill an innocent man, Cisco stepped in front him, saying, "Leave him alone… If you've got a problem with him and his powers, then you deal with me."

Breacher appreciated the Cisco's resolve saying, "You're a steadfast warrior who would fight the fiercest of enemies to protect your friend and the only person I love." But he added "I still hate you."

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