Could Tyrod Taylor take Giants starting QB job from Daniel Jones? | Yahoo Fantasy Football Forecast

In the Yahoo Fantasy Football Forecast, Matt Harmon and Frank Schwab break down the possibility that Tyrod Taylor takes the starting QB job for the New York Giants and if he becomes a fantasy asset if that happens.

Video Transcript


MATT HARMON: The Giants are giving Tyrod Taylor starting reps. Now Brian Daboll and the boys are telling you this is not a big deal. We just want to see what he looks like in these situations. Frank, he's starting games for this team this year. And I feel like in fantasy circles, we have been kind of interested in the Giants offense because they're all cheap from an ADP perspective, except Saquon. And he's kind of only just risen lately.

But there's still a chance that this quarterback situation, especially if it's Daniel Jones, just makes it impossible for anybody to really make an impact. I just think there's a chance that Tyrod starts games for this team this year.

FRANK SCHWAB: The one thing-- and I was a beat writer for a long time. When you're out at practice every day, look, coaches lie to you all the time. Players lie to you. GMs, sources, everybody lies to you. But the one thing they don't lie about is practice reps. You've got to put somebody out there. Who's with the first team? And Brian Daboll can say this doesn't matter. No, it matters. You're putting him with the first team. It matters.

There's a reason. You had a meeting where you said, let's get Tyrod Taylor some starting snaps. And there is a reason for that. It's not like Denver's doing that with Josh Johnson, like, oh, just getting him some reps today over Russell. No, that doesn't happen. There's a reason for it, and it scares me. Not because Daniel Jones is a big deal in a one-quarterback league, but he is a favorite a lot of hours in two-quarterback leagues--


FRANK SCHWAB: --or super flex. He's one of those I can get Daniel Jones really, really late for cheap, and he's going to run, and he has that equity. Well, you also have the issue where he might lose his job at some point. And logically, you'd like to think that the Giants would just see this through. We got to see what we have with Daniel Jones this year. But they've already passed on a fifth-round option-- or the fifth-year option of his deal. And maybe they don't feel that way. Maybe they just feel like Daniel Jones, lost cause.

Let's see what Tyrod has got if it starts off badly for the Giants. I think it will. I don't think the Giants are going to be very good this year. So, yeah, if part of your two-quarterback or super flex plan is Daniel Jones, at least pay attention to this. Because there's a reason they're giving Tyrod some snaps here.

MATT HARMON: Yeah, I mean, it seems like there is just a 0% shot that they're going to-- I think it was a media talking point. Even when you watched their preseason game, how many times did you hear Josh Allen's name come up when it comes to--


MATT HARMON: --Brian Daboll doing that to Daniel Jones? It actually kind of sounds like they have no interest in doing that with Daniel Jones at all. They're not trying to sell you on a we're going to remake Daniel Jones. They're just going to ride it out this year and then move on and try to find Brian Daboll's actual guy.

FRANK SCHWAB: You would think so.

MATT HARMON: You would think. And again, we don't really care about Daniel Jones, unless you're in a super flex league which, by the way, in the Scott Fish Bowl, I did take Daniel Jones as my second quarterback.



FRANK SCHWAB: That's very viable. If he lasts the whole season, he's gonna put up numbers, I mean, just because of rushing.

MATT HARMON: Yeah. And just a last point on this. The only thing I'll say about this as well, this could actually be good for the Giants pass catchers if, Daniel Jones truly flops, that they have stable veteran-- again, I'm in the bag for Tyrod. But I think he's a pretty good quarterback.


MATT HARMON: He's like a high-end backup, right?

FRANK SCHWAB: Yeah, he's a high-end backup.

MATT HARMON: There could be worse. If Daniel Jones flops or he gets hurt again, they're not going to like frickin' Mike Glennon and Jake Fromm, like they were last year. So that actually-- because we do care about Kadarius Toney. I think he could be a potential breakout guy. We don't care about Kenny Golladay anymore. I don't even know what the hell is going on with that. But, yeah, so I think it could be good news if they keep Tyrod around.