Could the Suns hire of Frank Vogel create friction in Phoenix? | Good Word with Goodwill

Yahoo Sports senior NBA writer Vincent Goodwill is joined by Yahoo Sports senior NBA reporter Jake Fischer on the latest “Good Word with Goodwill” to discuss Phoenix’s decision to tap the former Lakers coach to lead the franchise while also making Kevin Young - who is already on the staff - the highest paid assistant coach in the league. Hear the full conversation on the Ball Don’t Lie podcast and subscribe on Apple, Spotify, Stitcher, or wherever you listen.

Video Transcript


VINCENT GOODWILL: Jake, the coaching carousel continues, right, right?


VINCENT GOODWILL: We got some more coaching news. We got Frank Vogel being hired by the Phoenix Suns, that is NBA Champion Frank Vogel to all of you who discount the bubble in 2020. He was fired by--

JAKE FISCHER: Yeah, put respect on Frank Vogel's name, everybody.

VINCENT GOODWILL: So not only did they hire Frank Vogel, they made Kevin Young, who was a finalist for the job, the highest paid assistant coach in the league. Jake, I think those situations are very fraught. I think those situations are very tricky to walk into.

I'm not saying that Frank Vogel should be searching his back, looking for the soft tissue, making sure there's not a knife in it. But I'm saying it makes for a very tricky situation when you're trying to come in and establish yourself with a new group of guys, especially vets like KD, and Devin Booker, and Chris Paul.

JAKE FISCHER: Let me play devil's advocate.

VINCENT GOODWILL: The devil don't need an advocate.

JAKE FISCHER: While Monty has been credited for being, you know, this culture setter, mentality changer who can come in and add some professionalism and kind of like some family values and-- it's not exactly a communication style that blends with everyone, especially young, you know, under 25-year-olds who might not necessarily be hailing from that type of background, right?


JAKE FISCHER: And Kevin Young-- was explained to me by a couple folks-- was like super instrumental in kind of being not necessarily like a mouthpiece but like a--

VINCENT GOODWILL: Bridging the gap.

JAKE FISCHER: --yeah. I think maybe this could actually be a benefit of, you know, Kevin Young being someone who Devin Booker definitely backed. I think-- it might have gotten a little bit overplayed that like Devin Booker was pounding the table for Kevin-- I don't know if that's necessarily true or not. I don't know-- I don't know. But I do know that he definitely had support of Devin Booker and other Suns players.

VINCENT GOODWILL: Do we like the hire of Frank Vogel. It seemed like it came down to Doc Rivers and Frank Vogel. And if that's the case, when you're coming off of Monty Williams, it seems like Frank Vogel is going to be the choice because it seems like Doc Rivers and Monty Williams are far more alike than they are not.

JAKE FISCHER: And look, while we're just two friends talking into microphones and there not that many people listening, i--

VINCENT GOODWILL: Nobody's listening.

JAKE FISCHER: --will say, you know, Doc Rivers just coached James Harden, who wasn't necessarily a giant fan of him as a head coach. And James Harden and Kevin Durant definitely still talk about things of that nature. So I think that, you know, just something I think was on the periphery of that situation.

But it definitely became clear that Mat Ishbia wanted someone who's done this before, someone with that championship pedigree. I think, yeah, at that point like when I got wind that it was going to be someone most likely who had done it before, all the signs were pointing towards Frank Vogel.