Could Blazers trade up to No. 2 to get Brandon Miller? | Ball Don’t Lie

Yahoo Sports NBA Draft expert Krysten Peek is joined by ESPN Draft Analyst Fran Fraschilla on the “Ball Don’t Lie” podcast to discuss the chances that the Charlotte Hornets could try to lure the Portland Trail Blazers into trading up to No. 2 for the chance to draft Brandon Miller, and talk about how teams use leaked information to try to manipulate the draft board.

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Video Transcript


- How about if you're the Hornets and the next month you give off vibes that you're probably going to take Brandon Miller because he fits better with LaMelo. And he's a small forward that could get you 20 points a game. And he plays like Paul George. That could be a way for them to just signal to Portland, hey, listen, if you want Brandon Miller, you might have to swap with us.

- Right.

- See, that's the thing about the draft that people don't get. You never want to show your cards.

- Right. Right, exactly.

- And I think Mitch Kupchak so far has done a good job because he's even explained and said this publicly. Well, this is the year we may go for need as opposed to overall talent.

- Right.

- And he might be just setting it up. Because if you think about it, Dame Lillard, as good as Scoot is, probably needs some scoring punch. And Anfernee Simons is becoming a really good player. But Brandon might fit better in Portland. But that doesn't work if Charlotte gives off the vibe that, well, wait, we might just take Brandon Miller because we really like how he fits in with LaMelo and our young core.

So that's why I think you never show your cards if you're Charlotte. And you make sure you get everybody believing that we have not made the decision yet on whether it's going to be Miller or Scoot.

- I mean, you know this. All of the information coming out the week of the draft is-- I mean, people, like you said, they hold their cards close to them. But they will leak other information to try to throw people off the scent. And even Woj, Woj who gets everything right, last year he got it wrong.

And he tweeted out before the draft, he said that Jabari was going to go number one. Chet was going two. And Paolo was going to go three. Even Woj got it wrong. Do you know what I mean? And so it's such an interesting time, especially the days leading up to the draft, where everything becomes like the wild, wild West.

- Well, there was a Hollywood producer named William Goldman. I think it was Butch Cassidy in "The Sundance Kid." He's one of the Hall of Fame Hollywood producers. And he once said when someone asked him about, how do you know if a movie is going to be a hit? He said nobody knows anything. And that's really true about the draft.