A controversial comedian and a former child star are eliminated on 'Masked Singer'

After some dumb thing called the World Series tragically preempted The Masked Singer for two friggin’ weeks in a friggin’ row — prompting Twitter outrage and ruining everyone’s Halloween-week fun (for Masked Singer fans, apparently there is crying in baseball) — this Wednesday, Fox finally got back to focusing on America’s real favorite pastime: watching C- and D-list mystery celebrities dress up in Halloween-inspo costumes and belt out Lizzo and OneRepublic hits. And it was a double-header, to use some baseball terminology, because Fox made up for lost time by airing two episodes back-to-back.

Of course, double the fun meant double the eliminations, so this week we had to bid farewell to two furry friends: the Penguin, aka comedian Sherri Shepherd, and the Black Widow, aka former child star Raven-Symone.

Jenny McCarthy had guessed that pretty much every female contestant since Season1 was Shepherd, so she was destined to be correct eventually. As for the Black Widow, I got that one right. I knew that eight-legged diva was so Raven from the very beginning.

Anyway, while I have missed The Masked Singer like a Rottweiler misses his bone, a flower misses the sun, or a black widow misses her web, on the plus side, the past two weeks have given me some time  off to reflect, furiously pore over various Google search queries and Wikipedia pages, and change my uneducated guesses since the last time many of these kooky cosplay characters rocked the mic. I now return to the show refreshed, renewed, and ready to keep my semi-winning streak going.

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