Chris Farley’s massive steak dinner that left Rob Lowe ‘horrified’

Rob Lowe appeared on Conan Tuesday, where he shared a hilarious story about the legendary Chris Farley. Lowe starred in Farley’s breakout film Tommy Boy, and the two quickly became friends. “There are certain people in life that for whatever reason you remember exactly where you were when you met them,” said Lowe. “Farley was one of those guys.” To celebrate the wrap of Tommy Boy, Lowe took Farley to a steakhouse for dinner. He knew Farley loved steak but he was shocked when the comedian ordered two porterhouse cuts of meat. “Upon each bite of the two full bone-in porterhouses he put an entire cube of butter,” said Lowe, reiterating, “On every bite.” Lowe was horrified, but Farley gave him a pretty funny excuse for why each piece needed its own pat of butter. Lowe recalled, “He said, ‘It needs a hat.’” Even though the dinner took place 25 years ago, Lowe still remembers it often. He said, “Every bite of steak I eat to this day I go, ‘I wonder if I should put a hat on this?’”