Chris Christie tells Trump not to let Michael Flynn in the Oval Office

Former New Jersey governor Chris Christie joined a Sunday edition of The Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer where he advised President Trump against having any more meetings with embattled former national security adviser MIchael Flynn and his lawyer Sidney Powell at the White House. It was reported over the weekend that Trump floated the idea of imposing martial law and overturning the election in a meeting on Friday that was attended by Flynn and Powell. Flynn has recently been touting the imposition of martial law as a viable option for Trump, though in reality the election has already been certified and declaring martial law does not suspend the Constitution. Trump has denied raising the idea of martial law in the meeting, calling the reports “Fake News.” But Christie advised Trump to no longer take meetings with Flynn or Powell to avoid any similar reporting in the future.

“This is why someone like Michael Flynn never belongs anywhere near the White House, let alone inside the Oval Office, and his lawyer Sidney Powell. I’ve been talking about this since the transition in 2016, how dangerous I thought General Flynn was,” Christie said. “I sat with him in security briefings with the then-candidate Donald Trump, and then with President Donald Trump, and I will tell you that he is not fit to be giving advice to anyone. I think the best advice I could give the president is, keep Michael Flynn and Sidney Powell out of the Oval Office, and then those really bad ideas will stay out of the Oval Office as well.”