What Chris Boucher is seeing from Scottie Barnes

On the latest episode of "Hustle Play with Chris Boucher," Boucher discusses what he's seen from Scottie Barnes lately and the significance of channeling energy. Listen to the full episode on the podcast feed or watch on our YouTube channel.

Video Transcript

MIKE ROACH: Speaking of the slump, Scottie Barnes is looking a little bit better, as well. You know what I mean? And there were some games where we see him, and he's not very aggressive. He's looking around a lot, he's passing it off very quickly, he's playing kind of timid.

And then all of a sudden-- kind of in the fourth quarter-- he starts exploding a little bit, starts going to the basket. But a game-- especially like Portland, sorry-- he started early, right? Start attacking early. Brings a different dynamic to the teams, things start opening up a little bit for everybody else.

What do you attribute that to? Is that guy-- is getting in his ear, kind of just telling him he needs to be a little bit more aggressive, or do you think that things are starting to slow down a little bit and he's just starting to read and react?

CHRIS BOUCHER: I don't think it has nothing to do with us, because we've been saying that the whole time. Like we've been saying that, to be aggressive-- everybody in this locker room is telling him to be aggressive, all the way to the head coach. So I don't think it's that.

I think he just got tired of hearing it, probably. Every time, hearing shoot it, and do this, and do that, and do this. He probably just snap out of it and decided, all right, well, guess what? I'm going to do it. And then a game like Portland-- he did it. Probably the game before, he played Milwaukee and he did it in the fourth quarter.

He probably told himself, well, I should have done that before and I would have won the game. It's also a young player trying to figure it out everything at the same time. You know, how to be a passer, a scorer, a rebounder, a defensive player, and he has a lot of different guys-- a lot of different weapons-- around him.

It's a lot of things that he has to figure it out for his second year, and I think that he's gradually getting there, especially with the struggle that he had at the beginning of the season, I think. Like I said, I've told you guys that he was going to get out of it, and when he's going to start figuring out, he's going to be dangerous. And he's getting to that point now.

And I've been saying that again, like I said, we lost a couple of games, and they definitely hurt us. But I think it's going to, at the end of the tunnel, all of us going to get out of there stronger. Especially when things are starting to go in our way. Things will get a lot better.

MIKE ROACH: Now, he shows a lot of passion, a lot of emotion. Can a player ever be too emotional on the court?

CHRIS BOUCHER: Of course. I mean, it could be for anything. So I mean, I don't know. I've had those moments where I felt like I was playing well and all that, and then the other team does a run and then somehow, somewhere, I can't hide my emotion no more.

I'm pissed that I might get subbed. I'm pissed because, guess what? We were winning, things were going well, and if we lose the game, it's a lot of emotion to control at the same time. I think we all had those moments, and some of us are dealing with it better.

For us, some people, it comes selfishly. For some people, it's just really with the passion of the game and wanting to win. And like I said, it's expressed differently, but I think everybody has a way to show it.