Chris Boucher dreams of opening up school like LeBron James

On the latest episode of 'Hustle Play', Chris Boucher discusses what retirement from basketball looks like for him and why he wants to help out kids in a way similar to LeBron James' 'I Promise' school. Listen to the full episode on the 'Hustle Play' podcast feed or watch on our Yahoo Sports Canada YouTube.
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Video Transcript

MIKE ROACH: What does Chris Boucher do in the offseason?

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MIKE ROACH: What do you do to have fun? What do you do to let loose?

CHRIS BOUCHER: I go to island with my friends and just chill and have fun, play dominoes, go to the beach, go to a boat--

MIKE ROACH: You're just straight-up chilling.


MIKE ROACH: You don't want to do anything.

CHRIS BOUCHER: I don't do nothing. And I'm telling you, when I retire, this is going to be the same thing. Like, I'm making myself-- I want to make enough of myself money and, like, invest it everywhere so I could just be on the island and do whatever. You call me whenever you need me. I'll come in a PJ and come right back and go right back home. I want to live like that.

MIKE ROACH: Speaking of retirement, OK, you're still a ways away from that.


MIKE ROACH: But have you ever thought about anything, possibly, you wanted to do after? Because, I mean, you're doing this show right now.


MIKE ROACH: Have you ever thought about doing anything in media or anything?

CHRIS BOUCHER: I'm going to just do a bunch of stuff for the kids first, like camps and stuff. Like, I'm going to Montreal, open schools and stuff. Like, the same thing LeBron did, I want to do some stuff like that in Canada. And just doing Montreal first, and then, if it gets big enough where I get big enough to do it everywhere in Canada, then I will. But I want to do stuff like that, have people run it and create jobs at the same time, and my own places.

And then, yeah, maybe I'll have my little show after, but I'm scared to have a show when I retire because then after that, there's nothing I can't say, and that's the problem.

MIKE ROACH: I can't wait.

CHRIS BOUCHER: Yeah, that's the problem. And I might get fined a couple of times and lose some sponsors over some stuff I'm going to say. I might not want to do that. [LAUGHS]

MIKE ROACH: But that's what we want to see, though. That's you!

CHRIS BOUCHER: Yeah, me is gonna--

MIKE ROACH: That's why people love this show.

CHRIS BOUCHER: Yeah, but, some sponsors-- you know, some sponsors, like-- they love you for something that you do, but not for--

MIKE ROACH: You might get more sponsors.

CHRIS BOUCHER: Yeah, but I'm not going to get the nice one, like-- you know what I'm saying? On TV commercials. I'm like this guy curse every time. Don't put that on TV.

MIKE ROACH: Put it on the internet.

CHRIS BOUCHER: Yeah, but that's clout, man. I don't chase the clout.

MIKE ROACH: You're not chasing clout, though. You just do your thing.

CHRIS BOUCHER: If it's internet, if it's social media, that's straight clout. That's straight clout.

MIKE ROACH: Have you seen Draymond Green's podcast?


MIKE ROACH: This dude is doing a podcast--


MIKE ROACH: --like, post-game, after the game.


MIKE ROACH: That's some pretty cool stuff.

CHRIS BOUCHER: But do you see the difference between that and "Barbershop"? Or--

MIKE ROACH: Yes. I see your point there.

CHRIS BOUCHER: [LAUGHS] That's what I'm trying to get to.

MIKE ROACH: I do. I do. I see what you're saying.

CHRIS BOUCHER: You know what I'm saying? Because that's kind of the show I want to get to. This podcast right here, like, that's a type of show I want to do without having to somehow-- because I won't have a job, you know what I'm saying? So some stuff that you really have inside, deep inside, or some stories that you don't want everybody to know because you're still in the league and stuff, I might be able to say-- not on people, but on what I was thinking during that time.