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Chris Boucher discusses how he's trying to find his inner Dennis Rodman

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  • Dennis Rodman
    Dennis Rodman
    Retired American basketball player

Chris Boucher has been closely studying the great Dennis Rodman lately — trying to bring that exact energy, tenacity and work ethic to the Raptors on a nightly basis while contributing on the stat sheet, too. Follow our Raptors coverage all season long on Yahoo Sports Canada.

Video Transcript


- So the other day they said when you collapsed on the bench there you got a fair bit of attention. You played 37 minutes tonight. How much energy are you putting out there chasing down [INAUDIBLE] balls and [INAUDIBLE].

CHRIS BOUCHER: Whatever I could do to help the team. I'm at this point where I just want to go over there and play hard. And that's what the team needs. And it's a lot easier when you kind of know what you have to do. And I go into the game thinking the same way. A lot of people have been seeing I've been posting Dennis Rodman every day.

That's who I study the most. I'm trying to see what it is, what I could do. I feel like I have the same energy as when he played. And I kind of relate to him a lot with the ups and downs, so. We're at this point now where I'm just playing like him and trying to bring energy.

Everything that demands that effort, whatever. That's what I'm trying to do now.

- What kind of tricks are you finding in sort of looking at Rodman's game? And you can take the drop. You're four inches taller [INAUDIBLE], but [INAUDIBLE]. What kind of things could you bring?

CHRIS BOUCHER: Just never let down, never give up. You know I'm not scared of anybody. So whoever is in front of me, I try to do the best job ever. And like I said, a lot of people, they're bigger than me. But the fight, the will. And all the hustle play. Like I said, I do like doing the hard work.

And right now, like I said, on this team, I feel like this is something that was missing. And we got a couple of guys off the bench. Champagnie, he came, took a lot of offensive rebounds. And also that's something that we need to do off the bench. Because I mean, we got great scorers. And our starter is going to do their job.

It's our job to do that on offense.

- Do you fell like that sort of thing is contagious? Because you were doing it then Justin comes in and he's doing it. And even though you guys shoot well today, you gave yourselves second, third chances.

CHRIS BOUCHER: Yeah, I think obviously only when you're on the bench and you see somebody work hard, you want to do the same. So I think if I could bring the bench some energy and they could do the same, that'd be great. Because like I said, we got great players all around, one to 15. And all we need is really energy.

Like a game like today, we need energy. There's no fans and all that. It's a big game. So the only thing, we can only create our own energy, really. And that's what I try to do.

- Do you feel like you showed something as a team tonight against one of the best teams in the league [INAUDIBLE] there all night?

CHRIS BOUCHER: 100%. Like I said, we didn't have Scottie. We didn't have Gary. Those are two good [INAUDIBLE] for us. But we hang in there. We didn't shoot the ball well. There's a lot of things that didn't go our way. But we still figured out a way to stay in the game. And that's just going to give us confidence, like I said. We need to play like that against everybody, not against just a good team.

If we play like that against the bad teams and all that, we're going to be a good team. So we just got to play like that every time. And we definitely learn something about us. We just got to keep playing hard. And that's a 48 minute game. So those let downs kind of hurt at the end.

But we're going to learn from it.

- Are you doing anything special for your birthday?

CHRIS BOUCHER: No. I need some sleep, man, to be honest with you. So I'm going go home, sleep. Probably do something tomorrow or the day of.


- We have a question for you online. Go ahead.

- Hey, Chris. I'm just wondering what you can say just your development over the years. How important is it for you to have stuck around with the Raptors organization and been able to sort of find your find your new role with this team?

CHRIS BOUCHER: I mean, it's such a learning experience. Like I said, I went from not playing to get a couple of minutes to having like one of my best offensive year. And then this year, I came in and it was a little bit all over the place trying to figure out my role. But there's something, like I said, I always learn something with the Raptors.

And this year, the defensive mindset, the will of wanting to go get the ball and make those effort plays I think I was at it, but not to that level where I'm able to do it every night. And just focus on those things. And it also brings me joy. Like I said, at first, it was like, oh, I need to hit the 3 to be happy.

But right now, blocking a shot, getting the steal, and all those makes me feel the same way. And it helps the team a lot more.

- All right. Thank you.

- Thanks very much, Chris.

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