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Los Angeles Chargers running back Austin Ekeler and Yahoo Sports’ Fantasy Analyst Matt Harmon discuss Austin’s six fantasy teams, and how his squads are looking heading into the playoffs. Which players have stepped up for him this year? What can be done about the lack of consistent production from the tight end position? Catch fresh episodes of Ekeler’s Edge every Wednesday on Yahoo Sports and your favorite social media platforms. Listen to Ekeler’s Edge on the Yahoo Fantasy Football Forecast wherever you get podcasts.

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AUSTIN EKELER: For the most part, we're doing well, doing well. Out of six teams, I think I have, like, four right now that are pretty much going to be in the playoffs. So not too bad.


MATT HARMON: We wanted to talk a little bit about your fantasy teams this year. We haven't gotten a ton of info out of you in terms of how your teams are doing. We mention it here and there a little bit. But give us the scoop. How are some of your fantasy teams faring this year while you're out there carrying so many other people's fantasy teams?

AUSTIN EKELER: Yeah, so I have six teams as of now. I have four that are in the Austin Ekeler Foundation. You know, be the best you. You know, rocking some of the foundation gear today. There's the logo. And then I have one in Michael Fabiano's celebrity league. And then I have one with my Twitch stream. And so the four in the foundation, I have two where I'm sitting at third place right now, sitting at, like, 9 and 4 and I think 10 and 3.

MATT HARMON: Shoutout.

AUSTIN EKELER: Yeah, so coming through strong. You know, I have also one that's, like, right in the middle at 5 and 8. Actually, I'm more towards the bottom. I'm at 11th on that one, so. And then my other one is not looking good right now. I'm in 15th out of 16th. My Twitch league, oh, my gosh. So there's 20 people in the Twitch league. It's actually terrible. Like, I do not recommend 20-man leagues.

MATT HARMON: Yeah, no.


Give me a break, man.

AUSTIN EKELER: So I didn't have a backup quarterback. And my quarterback, Kirk Cousins, was on a bye. And all of the quarterbacks were taken up. There was literally no quarterbacks left because there's 20 people, and there's only 32 teams. And everyone had a backup besides me. So I just didn't play a quarterback that game. So I am 1 in 12 in that league. For the most part, we're doing well, doing well. Out of six teams, I think I have, like, four right now that are pretty much going to be in the playoffs. So not too bad, not too bad.

MATT HARMON: Hey, that's not too bad, man. Anyone in particular, besides yourself, kind of really helping you in fantasy this year on your teams?

AUSTIN EKELER: Yeah, a guy we actually just talked about, AJ Brown. AJ Brown has been going crazy, man. I have in my celebrity league, and he's been carrying that. And then, I mean, I have Derrick Henry and Nick Chubb, two powerhouse running backs, obviously. And then I have J-Herb as my quarterback in that one. And then I have a lot of the Bills guys. I have Gabe Davis, Singletary, and then Dawson Knox. And so obviously, the Bills have been doing well. So their offense is just putting out some fantasy points. So the Bills have really been carrying-- carrying that league for me.

MATT HARMON: Yeah, there's some of up and down stuff with Gabe Davis, up and down stuff with Dawson Knox. But there are very few, other than Travis Kelce, week to week tight ends that you can really trust this year. So that has been a troublesome spot.

AUSTIN EKELER: That's what I've noticed this year, man. Tight end's tough. The dropoff is, like, steep as far as fantasy points goes when it comes to tight ends. So that might be something you look into beginning of next year with the tight ends because the top tight ends are some studs. You know, Andrews and Kelce, oh, my god, right, just picking up those guys. And having that tight end spot secured, I would say the dropoff as far as fantasy points is a lot steeper than it is for running backs.

MATT HARMON: It's the most frustrating position this year by a lot, the tight end position, because we know there's going to be Kelce and Andrews. And even Andrews had some weeks where he was injured. He missed time, playing through injuries, too, all that type of stuff. By the way, Austin, every year in fantasy, analysts try to talk themselves into, oh, this year, tight end is going to be deeper. Like, this year, there will be a bunch of young breakout guys. And it never happens. I mean, if you-- when you're drafting, like, tight end 8 to 12, or god forbid you're in a 20-team league, just forget it.

AUSTIN EKELER: [LAUGHS] That's an empty spot.

MATT HARMON: And don't get attached to the dude you drafted because you're going to be making a waiver claim, OK? You'll be picking somebody else up. But what's really hurt this year is guys like Kyle Pitts, Darren Waller has been hurt. Like, there hasn't been those guys that have stepped up to fill in that middle tier group. And even a guy like Zach Ertz, who was great, he got hurt. So it has been a wildly frustrating year. So I can't wait to see how the industry corrects or maybe overcorrects. One last update just for me on fantasy, Austin, I told you at the beginning of this show, when we did the first episode, that I had you on one fantasy team.


MATT HARMON: That fantasy team is in the Scott Fish Bowl, which is a huge charity tournament. And I made it to-- the playoffs have already started in that because it is literally like thousands and thousands of people are in it. It's a huge bracket league. Four of us have moved on to the playoffs from that division, which, again, have already started. So I made it to round 3. We'll see what happens. Need a few other folks to step up besides you. I'm glad that my one team with Austin didn't absolutely suck this year.

AUSTIN EKELER: Yeah, I'm looking forward to hearing the update next week, man. Let's get it done.

MATT HARMON: And shoutout to Scott Fish. If people are not familiar with the Scott Fish Bowl and all that goes into that charity league, like, definitely check it out. It's a cool thing every year.