CBS star on how she collected the 'bounty' on a photograph of her baby

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In 2000, amid her award-winning run on ABC's The Practice, Camryn Manheim became pregnant with her son, Milo. It was of interest to the press for a couple of reasons: she was in her late 30's and she wasn't forthcoming on who the father was. Manheim, who wasn't typically paparazzi fodder, found herself in a limelight she didn't want to be under.

"The only time I felt intruded on was when the public just insisted on knowing who the father of my son was," Manheim told Yahoo Entertainment. "People weren't that fascinated with who I was dating. Every now and then they would be. I dated a couple famous people, but that was pre-cellphones. That's how old I am!"

"The big fascination was who the father of Milo was and I decided I wasn't going to tell," Manheim continued. "I didn't feel like it was my story to tell.  I thought Milo would get his chance to tell his story as he chose to tell it. Since I raised him and his dad wasn't in the picture a lot, I felt it was really his story. And now my son is 16 and he's in the public eye and he is going to have a chance to tell his story. But people hounded me for that story."

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Milo has followed in his mother's footsteps and has embarked on an acting career. His new Disney Television movie, Zombies, premiered in February and drew over 10 million viewers between its first broadcast and subsequent repeat airings. Before becoming approaching teen actor stardom, Milo was of interest to the press.

"When I gave birth to him in the hospital, lot of people don't know this and I didn't know this either, but they put a bounty on the first photograph [of him]," Manheim told us. "Whether it's Beyoncé's new baby or Kim Kardashian, there's a bounty. Whoever gets that first photo gets a ton of money. That was shocking to me."

"I knew that people were going to try and get this photo, so I took it myself," Manheim said with a smile. "And I sent it in. And I got the cash. And that's going to go to my son's college fund. So I'm saying, there's always a way to work the system, ladies!"

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