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Can the Bucs survive Chris Godwin's injury?

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  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers
    Tampa Bay Buccaneers

On the heels of Chris Godwin's season-ending ACL injury, Yahoo Sports' Andy Behrens and Scott Pianowski discuss what this devastating loss does to the Bucs' Super Bowl hopes, as well as if the Saints truly have Tom Brady's number.

Video Transcript

ANDY BEHRENS: Let's hit the wide receivers, because this is a bit of a mess. Man, that-- that Bucs game-- that was something. You talk about a team that not only loses a game, doesn't score a point, but also loses every key player except for Gronk and Brady. I should add that actually-- and I'm seeing this right now in a tweet from Schefter-- apparently, Chris Godwin has an ACL injury and is--

SCOTT PIANOWSKI: I heard out for the year. Yeah.

ANDY BEHRENS: And is done for the year, which I mean, obviously, that's the case with an ACL. But the timing of it is brutal, because that obviously takes him out for most of next season as well. The news was better on Mike Evans. He's got a hamstring. He was immediately ruled out of the game. It does not seem as serious as Godwin's injury.

SCOTT PIANOWSKI: I'm a Big Mike Evans fan, and I thought Brown played well earlier in the year before he kind of went off the reservation. But Godwin had become the preferred-- the target guy there. So this is a big-- big hit for their Super Bowl chances. And man, is everything coming up for Green Bay, right? I mean, nobody roots for injuries, right, but Tampa Bay just played terrible, they have all these injuries. Arizona plays about as bad of a football game as you can play at Detroit. The Rams have been up and down. They obviously look good last week, but I'd be feeling pretty-- pretty good if I'm a Green Bay Packer guy right now.

ANDY BEHRENS: Do we-- do we agree, by the way, that that's not really like-- as impressive as it was to watch the Saints just shut down the Bucs offense, that's not-- that's not exactly a repeatable blueprint for every other defense, right? Because you got it-- you've got to get to Brady with like, three or four guys. Like basically, they're getting to him with four guys and dropping people into coverage, and that's just not something that every team can pull off.

SCOTT PIANOWSKI: Yeah, I hate it when people use that as a strategy. If you can do that, do that to the end of time.


SCOTT PIANOWSKI: Right? That's what the Giants did--

ANDY BEHRENS: That will work against, Rodgers that'll work against a lot of guys.

SCOTT PIANOWSKI: Right. Just what the Giants did, and you know, Justin Tuck should have been the MVP of the first Giants Super Bowl win over the Patriots where Tuck dominated the game. But the problem was the whole defensive line was-- was kind of a force. And again, rushing just four, dropping a mass of humanity into coverage, getting under Brady's feet. Brady played poorly. The Patriots actually did not play great the final third of that season. They were untouchable for about 11 to 12 weeks, and you couldn't make the spread big enough. They were giving more than 20 points against some teams.

But that kind of burst down the stretch-- yeah, if you can get home with a base rush-- you know, I don't know why every other defense against Brady isn't using Cam Jordan. I guess he's only on the Saints, you can't let him out. And that's the team Tampa Bay doesn't want to play. Brady has played this New Orleans team five times now, he's played them four times in the regular season. Obviously, he played New Orleans last year in the playoffs, they won that game, the playoff game, but he didn't play well. The just breeze was really kind of bad that day.

And Brady's throwing, I think what, maybe like nine interceptions in his last four regular season games against New Orleans. He does not-- remember, they lost to Trevor Siemian just about a month ago. So they've lost to-- they've lost to all sorts of Saints quarterbacks. Maybe Jameis Winston will come back to life and beat him again. They don't-- nobody wants-- I know this is like the talking head speak right-- nobody wants to play the New Orleans Saints. But that defense is nasty, man. I don't think-- I don't think the Buccaneers want to go anywhere near New Orleans in the playoffs, should the Saints qualify.

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