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Which Broncos WR will be a 2022 fantasy star?

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In the Yahoo Fantasy Football Forecast, Liz Loza and Frank Schwab look at the Broncos receiving core and how it will change for managers with Russell Wilson under center.

Video Transcript

LIZ LOZA: There's nothing that shows me that Hackett is going to lean on a single running back backfield in his pedigree, or given the talent at their disposal, or the money that they're spending on these guys. So the Broncos, I understand why you liked doing this preview, because there are so many question marks to dig into. It's like a maze of opportunity and we're all just guessing.

But the reason it remains such a fascinating, not just such a fascinating endeavor to think about, but also to invest in, because we know there's going to be something, we just got to figure out who it is. We know there is going to be fantasy platinum to mine here. And so that leads me to the wide receivers, because again, we got options.

FRANK SCHWAB: Yeah. Again, I need to ask you about this because I'm stumped. Because look, if you got Cooper Kupp versus Robert Woods right last year, you probably--

LIZ LOZA: I didn't. So don't hold your breath.

FRANK SCHWAB: If you got Deebo Samuel versus Brandon Aiyuk right last year.

LIZ LOZA: I did.

FRANK SCHWAB: You might have won your league. If you get Courtland Sutton versus Jerry Jeudy right, you might win your league. One of these guys, maybe both, but I really truly believe one of these guys is going to blow up. I'm more on the Sutton side.

I think he's a more bankable guy right now. He has a really, really good season under his belt in the NFL. Another year removed from the ACL injury that slowed him down a little bit. Now he has a legitimate quarterback to throw to.

I like everything about Courtland Sutton and what he can do. But I think people have given up on Jerry Jeudy way too quickly. He showed some things as a rookie. He wasn't great as a rookie.

He wasn't Justin Jefferson or anything, but he was fine. He showed some things as a rookie. Then week one last year, he suffers a high ankle sprain. OK, that ruins his whole season.

Why are we holding Jerry Jeudy's second year this much against him? I know he wasn't good, but high ankle sprain is no joke. You're never rebounding from that over the course of a football season. It doesn't surprise me at all that Jerry Jeudy was slowed all year.

He could come back and be Russell Wilson's Tyler Lockett. Why not? Why can't he have some kind of rapport like that with a guy, really a big play guy at all three levels? I still like Jerry Jeudy's upside and I have I grabbed him in a couple of drafts so far, but I'm more leaning towards Sutton.

But that price is going up. That price, look, if you're investing in Courtland Sutton, the secret is out. I actually wanted to draft Courtland Sutton over DK Metcalf in a best ball I was having and somebody jumped me and drafted Courtland Sutton ahead of DK Metcalf. So that's how high he's going now. And I don't know that it's wrong, but figuring out this puzzle at receiver could end up being a difference in the league.

LIZ LOZA: So, I think you just hit the nail on the head. Jerry Jeudy could be Tyler Lockett. He's the slot guy who can also do some damage on the outside. A little more timing based, right?

But we believe that Russell Wilson has the anticipation and skill necessary to make all of those things work out and we know that Jeudy is a precise route runner and he has the technique to meld here. But Courtland Sutton could be DK Metcalf. And that's the other piece of it. It's like, well, do I want to invest in the Courtland Sutton, DK Metcalf opportunity, especially, we talked about the deep ball that Russell Wilson has.

Wow, Courtland Sutton now has an opportunity given his outside ex-receiver role in this offense to absolutely sky. I have him projected for 80 grabs, 1,100 yards and 8 touchdowns. That's conservative, I think.

FRANK SCHWAB: Yeah, I think it is too. Yeah, he could easily be a double digit touchdown guy. Why not? I mean, he's got the talent. He's already shown it.

This isn't a guy, like Jerry Jeudy, we're kind of projecting. We're being like, OK, he was a first round pick, Alabama, all of this stuff, but we still haven't seen him play at that level. We've seen Sutton play at that level. He has played at a very, very high level with a lot worse quarterback play.

I really like Sutton. I do want to throw a shout out too. Tim Patrick might be the most underrated receiver of late.

LIZ LOZA: So maybe that's the answer. If you're talking stacks, I'd draft Jerry Jeudy at a value and then I'd draft Tim Patrick later. Because if Courtland Sutton, if we're talking about if someone gets hurt on this offense, I want to hear about Melvin Gordon and Javonte Williams. If Courtland Sutton gets hurt, Tim Patrick, who they just paid in November, let's not forget--

FRANK SCHWAB: Yep, because he's a very good player.

LIZ LOZA: --now becomes the DK Metcalf lite lite.

FRANK SCHWAB: Yeah, and you can get him in a double digit rounds and it's, yeah, it's very much so. And Josh Palmer's got a lot for the Chargers have gotten a lot of buzz this offseason about, A, if either one of these guys gets hurt, the opportunity opens up in a great offense. Same is true for Tim Patrick and he's a very good player. So you're right, look, if Jeudy goes out, Tim Patrick is not an apples to apples guy, but it opens up a lot of snaps and a lot of targets. And they'd find a way to get Tim Patrick on the field, because he's a very good football player.

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