Blue Jays' dugout felt 'weird' without Alek Manoah

For the first time in a long time, the Blue Jays played a game without starting pitcher Alek Manoah in the dugout. Toronto manager John Schneider said it was tough for everyone not having him around.

Video Transcript

- Now we all know baseball is a game of comings and goings, and you have to get used to people being here and not being here, new guys coming in. But it's the first game without Alek in the dugout for a couple of years. We know that he has a presence there when the game is going on. What was it like without him?

JOHN SCHNEIDER: You know, yeah, different for sure. It's a tough day because he's such a big part of what we've done and what we're going to continue to do. Right? So it's tough for everyone. It's weird. You know? But I think what's best for him is what we're doing. I thought the guys did a really good job of focusing on the task at hand against a really tough starter for them and just focusing on winning.