‘Birds of Prey’ director and screenwriter talk about the distinct female perspective of the film

Yahoo Entertainment

“Birds of Prey” director Cathy Yan and screenwriter Christina Hodson brought a woman’s perspective to this female-led action movie, featuring Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn. One particular scene, where Harley hands Black Canary a hair tie, has received lots of love from fans. “I’m so happy that it’s getting the attention that it’s getting because it was such a tiny detail,” Hodson tells Yahoo Entertainment. “If you’re going into battle you would put a hair tie in,” she adds. Yan says, “I was ok with them not having to look perfect all the time.”

The girl power theme is strong throughout the movie. There are mentions of the Joker but it’s really an emancipation of Harley Quinn, who in the film is no longer with Mr. J. “That’s one thing that has been pretty consistent throughout,” Hodson says. “He’s never been in the script.” Yan goes on to add: “I do think it’s really nice that it’s a group of women and it’s not about their relationships with men.”

Watch the video above to find out how Bernie Sanders and an egg sandwich made it into the movie.

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