Billie Eilish credits Spice Girl for life-affirming advice

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On Jimmy Kimmel Live! Thursday, Billie Eilish explained to Jimmy Kimmel how she's spicing up her life after receiving some valuable advice from a Spice Girl.

"A couple of weeks ago, I kind of decided to start living like I just woke up, and this was my life. In a good way," Eilish shared with Kimmel. The singer explained, "Like, if I was my 12-year-old self and suddenly I woke up and this was my life, how would I look at it? And what would I be, like, oh, my god, that right now I'm taking for granted. So, like, I've been trying to live like that lately."

While Eilish said that it's an idea she came up with herself, she did credit the inspiration to Sporty Spice.

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"Sporty Spice was talking to me," shared Eilish. "She just was saying how, you know, she was on stage with all the girls and they were all just, like, smiling at each other and she was saying it was such a magical moment, because she was saying that at the beginning and the middle, it's like you work, work, work, work, work and you're huge, huge, huge, and then it's done, and it's like, oh. Like, where did that go?" 

"I just thought about that and I was, like, oh, my god, I'm in that part of my life that in the future I'm going to be like, damn, I wish I'd been, you know, whatever. So I'm, like, trying to be as present as possible," finished Eilish. 

Early Wednesday morning, it was announced that the 17-year-old made music history, when she received six Grammy nominations and became the youngest artist to earn nominations in all four major categories – Album of the Year, Record of the Year, Song of the Year, and Best New Artist. So it's the perfect time in Eilish's career for the singer to really live in the moment.

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