Best Week 13 NFL bets

Pam Maldonado and Minty Bets break down their two favorite wagers ahead of the massive NFL slate. Minty even has a game total for your consideration as well.

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Video Transcript



MINTY BETS: Welcome to "Yahoo Sportsbook Daily." It's Friday, December 3, 2021, and I'm your betting guide Minty Bets here with Pam Maldonado. It's week 13 of the NFL and we are previewing our favorite bets on the board.


I sadly don't love the match-ups this week, however, Pam loves this week's game. So Pam, let's kick things off with your first pick. What do you have for us?

PAM MALDONADO: Love this week, you nailed it. I love Washington Football Team plus 2 and 1/2 at the Raiders! Can I do that correctly? Probably failed miserably. I am taking the plus points with the away team. No one wants to believe that Washington has improved, but let me tell you, three straight wins after the bye against the Bucs, the Panthers and the Seahawks. OK, maybe you're not impressed. But the Raiders definitely a more challenging opponent on offense. But this Washington Football Team without Chase Young is perhaps more focused. That could potentially be the key right here. They've allowed 31 points per game in weeks 1 through 6. They are allowing a 19 points per game since.

Now I never believed that Washington Football Team was a bad team. They just had a really tough schedule there early in the season. Chargers, Bills, Saints, Chiefs, Packers at Denver. That is a really tough slate of opponents. Now Washington gets a Raiders defense that is allowing 126 yards per game on the ground, 25th in the NFL. Running back Antonio Gibson coming off his first 100-yard outing this season. He should definitely see some success again this week. Heinicke since the bye, 77% completion, five touchdowns, just one interception. You have an improved defense, plus an improved offense. What does that equate to? A live underdog. Give me Washington on the road. Minty, what do you think about that one?

MINTY BETS: Wow, you are absolutely right, Pam. First, I don't want to believe that the football team has improved, but I like Washington catching points over this super inconsistent and confusing Vegas team. I'm with you there. And I might actually go to the window with that one. My pick is going to be, my first pick is going to be the Bucs and Falcons over 50 and 1/2 points. Atlanta's defense is giving up the second most points per game and they're tied third in allowing the most touchdowns through the air. And they're giving up the 11th most total yards per game.

The Bucs are a high powered offense and Atlanta has found some success and some hope with Cordarrelle Patterson. The Falcons are notorious for getting ahead and then losing big leads. I can definitely see this happening here. And I can also see this being kind of a shootout in a way. I don't think points will be super hard to come by in this game, as this match-up has hit the over in seven straight games. So give me the over at 50 and 1/2, Pam. I know you kind of like that bet. I hope you still like it too.

PAM MALDONADO: I definitely do. Give me points.

MINTY BETS: Yes, lots of points. We don't want to see a boring game of defense. Now what's your next pick for us, Pam?

PAM MALDONADO: I'm taking the San Francisco 49ers minus 3 and 1/2 on the road to the Seahawks. No team is ever as good or as bad as the week before, but I think the Seahawks may just be that bad. It's time to start thinking that this 49ers team is actually legit. In the last three weeks, San Francisco has scored on 59% of its drive. That is the fourth best in the NFL compared to 39% prior to the weeks before. San Francisco has also scored a touchdown on nearly a third of its red zone plays. That is also the highest rate in the NFL.

Why has San Francisco been so good? Because they have one a weapon that has been doing them some good, and it's running back Elijah Mitchell who ranks fourth best amongst running backs in the rate of run to gain 10 or more yards. He's been an explosive player and he can find that explosiveness again against the Seattle defense. Looking at the passing offense though, Seattle is 31st against the pass. Jimmy G, he is averaging 8.8 yards per pass, five touchdowns, one interception in his last three games. Seven touchdowns, 0 interceptions in his four road starts this season.

Russell Wilson, I don't know what is happening with him, but since his return, he ranks 34th of 39 quarterbacks in success rate, 37th in completion rate and 34th in expected points added per play. The San Francisco defense, they are legit. They are ranked sixth in passing yards allowed, ninth in yards per pass attempt, eighth in yards per completion. 49ers with minus 3 and 1/2, the road, and I ain't looking twice.

MINTY BETS: I love the NFC West, and yeah, I've broken up with the Seahawks this season. It's just sad I didn't see it earlier. But I still love Russ, still love DK, but they got to change. I really like that pick with the Niners there. They are looking good and they should have looked like that in the beginning of the season. So hopefully, it's not too late for them.

PAM MALDONADO: Absolutely.

MINTY BETS: Now with my last pick, another NFC West team, the Arizona Cardinals minus 7 and 1/2 over the Chicago Bears. Now I normally wouldn't bet a favorite at this number, but the Cardinals are fresh off a bye, they're top five in points per game on offense and defense, and the Bears are a struggling team coming off an almost loss against the worst team in the league. The Lions, even with or without Kyler Murray and DeAndre Hopkins, Arizona has proven to be a solid team, and I'll lay the points with a favorite, as I do believe they win by 10 plus points.


Just to recap our picks, we have the Washington Football Team plus 2 and 1/2, Bucs, Falcons over 50 and 1/2, Niners minus 3 and 1/2, and Cardinals minus 7 and 1/2. You need to follow me on Twitter over at Minty Bets. Pam is over at PamelaM35, and follow all of our content over at Yahoo Sportsbook. Create a betmgm account and place your first bet risk free up to $1,000. If your bet loses, you get your bet amount up to $1,000 added back to your account in free bets.

You must be 21 and older in Arizona, Colorado, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia, and Wyoming only. Terms apply. Go to to get started or use promo code Yahoo when making your first deposit. Frank will be back on Monday to host the next episode on "Yahoo Sportsbook" Daily. Until then, good bye and good luck.

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