The best Scottie Barnes behind the mic moments with Raptors

The 2021-22 NBA Rookie of the Year was a star on and off the court for the Toronto Raptors. Here are some of his best moments from media availabilities. Subscribe to our Yahoo Sports Canada YouTube channel for more Raptors content.

Video Transcript

SCOTTIE BARNES: I'm a kid from West Palm Beach, man. You don't really know. A lot of stuff that happens out of West Palm Beach it's a-- it's crazy. Being a top five pick from there it's just-- I'm putting on for my whole city. The whole city is going from behind my back.

It's an amazing feeling. You just have so much support from down there. Dreams do come true. That's all I can say.

I played football growing up. Played football until the seventh grade-- actually was a tight end wide receiver, defensive end. I was pretty tough. I probably would have, could have been a good football star.

Last night was pretty crazy, just from they moment they called my name. Super excited. Went through a lot of interviews. People was just blowing up my phone calling me, texting me. It was a flood of DMs, flooded my Snap.

It was just like-- It was-- It's an amazing moment. Instagram-- I'm like 50 k. It was crazy. It's just so surreal, you know.

Well I don't really have what I would say-- You can put me at a point, if you want to. You can put me at a power forward, if you want to. Small forward. I would say like it doesn't really matter where I go on the floor. I would say I feel most comfortable with at point, I would say.

I don't know. I don't know. Show me the money, really. I don't know.

- Have you always been like that?

SCOTTIE BARNES: Yeah. I would say, yeah. I guess. I don't know.

I don't know. I don't know. I don't know really. I don't know.

I felt like I was born a leader. I was always, always set up to lead. I have a voice out there on the floor. I try to make my presence known when I step on the floor every single night. So I feel like it wouldn't be that hard for me to just be a leader.

That's my favorite player, you know. Really good player. I was in the stands. I saw him. I just wanted to touch his hand. It's a good moment for me.

He's really good. - Is he what you expected him to be [INAUDIBLE]?

SCOTTIE BARNES: Yeah. He's-- I didn't know he was that tall. I was surprised because-- Yeah, he's big as hell.

Manager was there. He was just saying, I got the money legs. I got to jump now. I was just trying to secure the basket, you know. I missed one before that. So I just wanted to secure that one.

That's a big man.


SCOTTIE BARNES: Big man. Big body. Caught me around the neck. I still feel a bump. God.




SCOTTIE BARNES: That's a big boy. So I tried to fight through a scream. He got me one time. It's all right. It happens.


SCOTTIE BARNES: They don't scream like that.


SCOTTIE BARNES: I was on the floor. He pushed me on the floor. And I just saw him loading it up. And I just thought, oh man. So I just tried to move. Just covered myself so he didn't hit me in the face. Because he put a lot of power into it. Caught it back, threw it, and I [INAUDIBLE].

Said really I was really a big Kobe fan, really. So it's really like rivals and stuff like that. But of course LeBron done so much for this game.

I just try to bring it every single day. And of course, energy is contagious, where it just all travels across the room. So I just try to bring it every single day. Just be happy and motivate, inspire. That's what I really just try to do.

- Scottie, how long did it take you to learn the Canadian National anthem?

SCOTTIE BARNES: I don't even know. About like 15 games, 10 games I think I knew it.

- --very comfortable finally, I guess, rising up and firing over him. Did his length to bother you at all? Or was it just always kind of a clean look for you?

SCOTTIE BARNES: I would say I really just-- I really just was-- I really was able to get to my-- my spots where I was just doing little moves to just try to get him off balance. So it really didn't really bother me so much. But it was just really-- I was-- It looked really open to me.

- There was an ESPN post earlier this week that identified you as a screener play type. And you know I saw that you reacted to that. I'm just wondering if you wanted to sort of address what type of player you want to be known as in the league and if you could just describe your own play style?

SCOTTIE BARNES: I just thought it was funny. That's why I really just reacted to it. It was just a little funny thing I saw.

But really I'm just still developing my game. Each game throughout the season I'm working on it. Getting my shooting better. Running the floor in transition.

It's just my game's just going to keep expanding. So I'm not really limiting my thing, my game to one aspect. Because as time goes on my game is just going to continue to grow.

Of course it's really just about what you feel like you need to work on and improve. And they have the same mutual agreement. But just come back stronger.

Get my-- develop on my shooting. Keep continuing to work on my body. Get bigger, stronger. Keep developing.

Win. Win. Develop on that. Just keep building.