Bear Cools Off With Dip in Muddy Puddle at Roxborough State Park

A bear took an opportunity to cool off by taking a dip in a muddy puddle amid warm temperatures in Roxborough State Park, Colorado, video shows.

Footage posted to the Roxborough State Park Facebook page on June 3, but time-stamped May 24, shows the bear lying on its back and kicking its feet in the air while relaxing in the water.

A temperature reading shown in the footage suggests it was 79 degrees Fahrenheit (26 Celsius) at the time the footage was taken.

The post’s caption read: “Basically sums up trail conditions today… Just kidding. It’s wet, but not this wet on the trails. This bear, however, seemed to have found a private spot to soak away from all of the hoomans.” Credit: Roxborough State Park via Storyful

Video Transcript