Bam Adebayo on Heat's lack of free throws: 'If I do say something, will you take the fine?'

The Miami Heat center was asked about the team only getting two free throws attempts in Thursday's Game 1 loss to the Denver Nuggets in the NBA Finals.

Video Transcript

- Bam, I'm not-- I promise I'm not trying to get you fined. But two foul shots to 20-- I mean, that's quite a discrepancy. But it doesn't seem like you guys are complaining about the officiating.

BAM ADEBAYO: If I do say something, will you take the fine? Like I said, I just feel like we can't even get into that. We can't let them dictate the game. I just feel like we took a lot of jump shots, and we missed a lot of them instead of getting to the basket. Like I said, we're going to watch the film and get back to the drawing board.

- Thank you, gentlemen.

BAM ADEBAYO: See, why you don't get fined for saying that?

- Hold up, though. He hit him with the mike, though.