Bachelor Nation praises contestant for calling out the 'mob mentality' among the women

Katie Thurston continued to grow her Bachelor Nation fanbase Monday night, when she called out the women in the house for being toxic and rude.
During Monday's episode of The Bachelor, Katie found herself standing up to the women for another week, this time for being rude to the four new girls who were introduced into the house.
"I get it, we're entitled to our feelings, but at the end of the day, they live with us, and I would hate to be on their side of this. And so the continuous, like, digs, at some point, we gotta kind of get over it and welcome them into the house a little bit," Katie told the women. Katie's empathy and moral compass was not lost on viewers, who doubled down on their wish for Katie to become the next Bachelorette.
Despite attempting to defend the women being bullied, Katie ultimately decided that the environment in the house was just way too toxic, and the best thing to do was to bring in the big gun – Matt.
"I've tried my best to stand up, you know, being the devil's advocate when things are being discussed and it just isn't really working. But Matt, he doesn't know anything about it, and I think he'd be pretty shocked to hear the things that they're saying, and I'm gonna let him know," said Katie.
Katie then took it upon herself to find Matt to tell him, "It would probably be a good time to address some of the bullying that's kind of been happening in the house."
Katie continued, sharing, "It's hard for me to keep trying to stand up for these women when we have this, like, mob mentality. The house just needs to be better. It's just a toxic environment, and there's some pretty bad rumors that are starting about the new girls that literally could ruin their lives."