Angola's Lourenco: 'I don't believe we will have a war between Rwanda and DR Congo'

In an interview with FRANCE 24, Angola's President Joao Lourenco said he did not think an all-out war between Rwanda and DR Congo was on the horizon. He said he was hopeful that his mediation efforts to restore peace in DR Congo's east would bear fruit. Lourenco explained that the M23 rebel group was upholding a ceasefire reached a few weeks ago and that the next step was for the group to be contained and disarmed.

Lourenco said Angola was ready to send 500 troops to the region to accomplish this task. He stressed that what was needed now was to speed up the process, indicating that the Congolese authorities still had to fully prepare for that stage. He said Rwanda's President Paul Kagame had been helpful in putting Angolan officials in contact with the M23 leadership. As such, he said this showed Kagame was keen to help find a solution rather than fuelling violence, as per the claims of Congolese authorities.

With regards to former Angolan president Eduardo dos Santos's daughter Isabel dos Santos, who is accused of embezzling public funds, Lourenco said she had nothing to fear if she has nothing to hide. He said a red notice for her arrest had been issued by Interpol, but refused to speculate on whether it would be implemented in the near future.

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