'Amazing Race' premiere had closest finish in 30 seasons

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The 30th season of The Amazing Race premiered with the closest finish in the show's history. In fact it was so close they had to go to the video to determine which team actually finished first.

As the final two teams rushed through the streets of Reykjavík, Iceland they were neck and neck. It was a team of boxing models versus a team goat-yoga instructors. And it came down to the wire.

After reviewing the footage, host Phil Keoghan said "We have never had a finish this close." He told the models, Dessie Mitcheson and Kayla Fitzgerald "I'm very sorry to tell you that you have been eliminated from the race, by literally feet."

Despite losing, the boxing models seemed surprisingly OK with being KO'ed. Fitzgerald said, "We wanted to continue racing but it's been one of the most amazing experiences and we got to do it together."

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