Adam Sandler, Chris Rock, and Kevin James get the band back together on ‘Kevin Can Wait’

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Adam Sandler and Chris Rock joined their buddy Kevin James on the season two finale of Kevin Can Wait and the three of them made beautiful music together. Well, they made music anyway. The premise was that Sandler and Rock, along with Billy Joel’s rhythm guitarist Mike DelGuidice, were old bandmates of James’ in a band called Smokefish. Sandler’s character Jimmy wanted to get the band back together.

At one point there’s a flashback scene in which we see the four of them in various get-ups while they were trying to figure out what kind of band they wanted to be. This may have been the highlight of the show just for the fact that the costumes they wore were ridiculous. James’s changing hair styles were pretty stellar though.

This is Sandler’s second appearance on the show as Jimmy is also Kevin’s old partner on the police force, but this may be the only time we see Rock. After the Smokefish reunion show didn’t go as planned, Rock’s character Dennis says, “Yeah, I should just go out to the car and open up my trunk and make some room for all that extra cash we're about to get. Or I could just go back to Brooklyn and never see you guys again.” Jimmy and Kevin tried to get Dennis, D-Con as they called him, to stay, he yells one final time, “It’s Dennis!” Before storming away.

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