5 times Jack Campbell gave Leafs fans the feels

Maple Leafs goaltender Jack Campbell has become a firm fan-favourite since his arrival in Toronto in February, 2020. Though stellar between the pipes, Campbell has also pulled heartstrings off the ice, with his cat videos, emotional interviews and overall positive vibes. @TicTacTOmar counts down the top five times Jack Campbell gave Leafs fans the feels.

Video Transcript


OMAR: Hey, everyone. Welcome back to another episode of "In the Mentions." I'm Tick-Tack-Tomar. And for a lot of us, Jack Campbell has been a magic angel Golden retriever from Detroit. So we're going to look at five times Jack Campbell hit us right in the feels.


JACK CAMPBELL: I'm just so excited to be here, reunited today. Sorry, a little nervous.

OMAR: You remember that day, that beautiful day where Jack Campbell went in front of the media and said, hey, I'm a Toronto Maple leaf, and that he was so nervous he started to giggle? When have you ever seen NHL players show any type of emotion, much less being nervous on camera? I think that was one of the days that I think all of us fell in love with Jack Campbell.

When an NHL goaltender is about to get a shutout, usually they're calm and laser-focused and really stern, but not Jack Campbell. Jack Campbell was actually bobbing his head and dancing and vibing to the music playing at Scotiabank Arena ahead of his second shutout against the Vegas Golden Knights, which is something usually we don't see. And it makes you think what other music would Jack Campbell be dancing to? Maybe "Happy" by Pharrell Williams, which actually kind of symbolizes everything that's about Jack Campbell.

Well, what do you think? What song do you think Jack Campbell would or should dance to on his way to another shutout?

Jack's taps, we all see them. We all love them. Any time defending player has a great play in front of him, whether it's blocking a shot or creating a rebound, Jack Campbell will just take his stick out and give him a tap on the leg. The cutest thing ever because he does it for everything, whether it's in game, on the bench, maybe if it's out of frame he'll do it.

Even if he's supporting his backup goalie, he'll do it as well. I'm pretty sure Joseph Woll appreciated a lot of those. I think there's a moment where we all wish that Jack Campbell could appear out of nowhere and give us a tap you when we need some support or when we're having a bad day. Maybe one day we'll all meet Jack Campbell, and he'll say, hey, good job, here's a tap.

JACK CAMPBELL: I've seen some of it, yes. And I think everybody should tune in to Amazon Prime October 1.


OMAR: It's so hilariously Jack Campbell to see him endorse the Amazon documentary like that, with this funny little spin that hey, you should all check it out. And even though he knows what happens, we all know what happens. And I think the thing that's the most sad about it is that we know that the cries after game seven, and he says that it's the worst goal that he gave up in his career. Why am I doing this?

Jack Campbell, even if it's something bad, even if it's something that he's disappointed by, he'll still find a way to throw a positive spin on anything, which I think is something that we can all relate to.

Jack has cats. Have you seen them? They're adorable. We saw a lot of videos of Jack Campbell and his cats over the offseason. There's pictures of him putting little Leafs bandanas around their necks. He actually threw a birthday party for them, gave them a nice little cake that said buds on it, which is just, again, something so Jack Campbell.

Just seeing the bond that he has with his two cats, and when it comes to most NHL players, we're used to seeing them with dogs. But Jack Campbell is unique in his own special way and has cats. I think it's something that we can just all relate to and something that just makes us smile. Like even now, you see me. I can't not smile talking about Jack Campbell and his cats. It's one of the most adorable things I've ever seen.


Although that was only five moments I mentioned, I'm pretty sure there are thousands of times Jack Campbell has done something that has hit us right in the soul, that has hit us right in the chest and made us go, aww, I'm so happy we have this person on our team.

And that's the thing. Regardless of what Jack Campbell has done, he's such an amazing person, not just hockey player just person, that just makes us want to root for him regardless. It's been really great to have a player like this on the Leafs, especially when the Leafs themselves are not always the most positive thing to look at and positive thing to watch. But as long as Jack Campbell is there, I'm pretty sure that won't change. Jack Campbell forever.


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