The 2-Minute Drill I Don't worry about 49ers' Trey Lance, the Rams' offensive woes and trouble in Jerry World

Yahoo Sports' Andy Behrens runs through a few of the biggest storylines from week 1, including why you should give San Francisco's starting quarterback another shot, a struggling offense in Los Angeles and the Cowboys' disastrous start to the 2022 season.

Video Transcript



ANDY BEHRENS: Oh, these days after the opening weekend of any NFL season are typically when peak panic hits the fantasy community.

- I'm a glass case of emotion!

ANDY BEHRENS: In today's two-minute drill, we're going to discuss where a little light concern, a little mild panic might be understandable and where it is not. Let's begin with Trey Lance, who honestly should not worry you at all.

- (SINGING) Don't worry. Be happy.

ANDY BEHRENS: Yes, you were hoping for more in week one. I get it, even though he was playing in a monsoon at Soldier Field and without George Kittle and in a game in which his receivers dropped three passes among his 28 pass attempts. The great news, if you're tied to Lance at all, is that he finished with 13 rush attempts. That's rare for a quarterback. Many of them designed runs. He's going to be plenty of fun. Maybe let him play a game or two in more hospitable conditions before you start to worry.

- (SINGING) Don't worry. Be happy.

ANDY BEHRENS: If you had Allen Robinson, OK, I understand a little concern there. Two targets, only one catch was not ideal. But he was at least on the field for nearly every snap. He ran a route on virtually every dropback. These are good things.

- To that, I say, all right, all right, all right.

ANDY BEHRENS: There are going to be better days ahead for the Rams offense. As for Cam Akers--

- Ha ha!

ANDY BEHRENS: --woo, yikes. Three carries for zero yards

- Huh?

ANDY BEHRENS: --on 12 snaps is probably not everything that you wanted from your third-round pick.

- [LAUGHS] Panic!

ANDY BEHRENS: He wasn't effective in the postseason for the Rams either.

- Hit the button. Hit the button.

ANDY BEHRENS: You got to hold Akers, I'm sorry to say. You obviously can't start him right now, which is a terrible situation.

- Oh, I'm panicking, Neddy.

ANDY BEHRENS: So a moderate to severe level of panic is acceptable in Akers' case.

- Everybody panic!

ANDY BEHRENS: As for those of you who made a heavy fantasy commitment this season in the Dallas Cowboys--


Perhaps you paired Dak Prescott with CeeDee Lamb. You thought you had an elite QB, wide receiver stack. Well--

- Tell him not to bet on the Cowboys.

ANDY BEHRENS: Listen, I would just like to thank you for playing Yahoo fantasy football this year. It didn't work out this season. I'm really sorry. But, hey, we have a lot of great DFS contests for you. Hockey and basketball are just right around the corner. Sign up for those. Commissioners, maybe be sure to collect their league fees.