Great places to watch the Super Bowl in Renton, WA

I'm going to show you three sports bars in Renton Washington that would make a perfect place to hang out and watch the ever popular Super Bowl this year. A lot of people in the area do choose to go to Seattle for the big game, but if you're looking for a local spot in Renton , where you can probably enjoy the game in a slightly less crazy atmosphere, here are some great places.

The Spot

The Spot is located at 4224 East Valley Road . It's a sports bar, offering a large seating area, pool tables and dart boards. The spot has numerous big screen TV's, making it a great place to watch games of all kinds, especially the Super Bowl. It's a friendly and calm atmosphere, with great bartenders and servers. They have great drinks and fast service. They have tons of seating and tables, so you and a group of friends should have no problem finding a place to sit and enjoy the game. Being right off the freeway 167, the spot is easy to find and get to. They also have a big parking lot in the rear of the building, so you shouldn't struggle to find parking.

Pounders Bar and Grill

Pounders is located at 221 Main Ave S . It's a smaller bar and grill, with a comfortable and friendly feel. They have poker nights during the week, and usually always play the UFC events. Pounders' bartending staff is one of the best in Renton , hiring only top notch bartenders. Located in downtown Renton , they also offer pool tables, punching machines, darts and more. They play great music and have karaoke nights on Wednesdays. They only have one big screen TV. I'm not sure if they will be bringing in another for the game, but in addition they have lots of smaller 27' TV's spread around the bar. Because of the fun feel of this place, I think I'd be an awesome place to hangout with some friends and watch the Super Bowl.

The Pickled Onion

The Pickled Onion is located at 1314 Union Avenue NE. Last, but not least, I put the Pickled Onion. Located in the Renton Highlands, this place is really fun to hang out. The crowd it attracts is generally fun loving and cheerful. They also have numerous big screen TV's that are sure to be playing the big game on Super Bowl Sunday. You won't have any problems finding parking here either. The parking lot is connected to a couple other parking lots, making plenty of parking for customers. The Pickled Onion has great food and drinks. This would most definitely be a great place to watch the Super Bowl with friends and or family.

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Updated Thursday, Jan 6, 2011