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Ontario's Mark Hominick

That's the face of a champion, right there.

Sure, Mark Hominick didn't leave UFC 129 with the Featherweight belt tonight but he did win the admiration of about 55,000 people - or roughly 52,000 more people than are in his hometown of Thamesford, Ont.

He lasted five full rounds against the heavily-favoured champion, Jose Aldo, despite a bulging wound on his forehead that produced gasps every time it was shown on the Jumbotron.

And Hominick - who'll become a father any day now - showed his future baby girl what her daddy's made of.

"First off, I just want to say to my wife that I hope I didn't put you into labour," Hominick said afterwards. "I know you're due any minute. I love you, babe and I hope that you're okay."

The classy fighter also showed appreciation to ref John McCarthy for not stopping the fight.

"I was never going to give up," he said.

In the first ever UFC event in Ontario and one of the biggest sporting spectacles Toronto has ever seen, Hominick showed the world a thing or two about courage, respect and, dare it be said, Canadian toughness.

"I fought hard for you guys," he said.

We noticed.

And we won't soon forget it.

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