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George St-Pierre, interim Ultimate Fighting Championship Welterweight Champion, spars with trainor Firas Zahabi during a training session Wednesday, March 26, 2008 in Montreal. St-Pierre will face Matt Serra April 19 in Montreal.


Have you ever looked at Georges St-Pierre on TV, then caught a glimpse of your beer gut in the mirror and thought: There's no way that guy can only be 170 pounds. I mean, look at him.

No? Just me?

Well, if you think that number's a little low, you're right.

The man behind the legend that is GSP offered a glimpse of the extreme measures 'Rush' must go to make weight before a fight. And it should come with a warning: Don't try this at home. Seriously.

Firas Zahabi, head coach of the UFC welterweight champ, spoke to the Toronto Star's Morgan Campbell about some of St.-Pierre's secrets.

Zahabi, who spends six days a week working with GSP, says the champ's walking around weight is 194. But dropping those pounds in time for a fight is actually a breeze for a specimen like him.

"There was a time when he used to walk around at 180 to make 170. He cuts weight so easily we added more muscle."

Sticking with a vegetable and protein diet leading up to a fight, Zahabi says shedding pounds becomes something of a game.

"Right now his exercise is significantly cut, but he's going to shed water. It's only temporary weight loss. It's not real weight loss. You're dropping fat."

Still, things get interesting when, on the day of the weigh-in, he's still tipping the scales heavier than he should be.

"By Friday we'll have six or seven pounds left and we'll put him in the sauna. I don't recommend this to anybody, even professional athletes. This is somebody who's very seasoned."

As soon as the weigh in's over, Zahabi gives him a workout supplement to replace lost carbohydrates and lets the rest take care of itself.

"He'll enter the ring at 192 or 193 pounds."


I think I gained 23 pounds overnight once. It was called 'university.'

All this talk about GSP's ability to jump sizes will likely please those itching to see him challenge middleweight Anderson Silva. While even St-Pierre admits that dream bout may be possible, for now he's focused only on Jake Shields.

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Eh Game

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