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Roger Federer says the shot he hit through his legs last year at the U.S. Open was the greatest of his life. Not anymore.

On Monday night at the U.S. Open, the 16-time Grand Slam winner hit a similar, yet even more impressive shot during his easy first-round win over Brian Dabul. You'll no doubt see Federer's magic replayed dozens of times over the next two weeks, but if you can't wait, here you go:

The shot itself is what looks amazing, but it's the end result -- a winner -- that makes it so remarkable. It'd be one thing if Federer went between his legs and hit it right back to Dabul, but he put it in the one spot on the court that Dabul couldn't get it. It wasn't just a trick shot, it was a trick winner. The Argentinian could only stand flat-footed and watch.

We give this shot the nod over the one from last year due to the range Federer showed in getting to Dabul's lob. He was at the net, waited to see what Dabul would do with the ball and then had to sprint to the baseline to reach the eventual lob. While still in a full run and a few feet from crashing into the wall, Federer casually flicked his wrist through his legs and whipped the shot across the net for a magnificent winner, like there was nothing to it.

The greats make the impossible look routine. 

[Photos: Roger Federer at the U.S. Open]

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