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Didier Drogba and Orduspor's David Barral had a nasty clash of heads during Galatasaray's 4-2 win on Monday. The two players were going for the ball on a Galatasray corner kick and though both were laid out by the collision, it quickly became clear that Barral got the worst of it.

The Turkish striker, who momentarily lost consciousness, was put on a stretcher and taken to a hospital, but Drogba turned out to be OK. After the match, Drogba, still in his match gear, was driven to the hospital where Barral was taken and stopped in for a visit. If he wasn't well liked in Turkey already (he was), this would've done it. Here's a picture from the Gala PR team...

Didier Drogba visits opponent in hospital after clash of heads

When asked why he didn't join Didier on the trip to see Barral, Drogba's cat, Kitier Katba, reportedly said, "F*** that guy."

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Dirty Tackle

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