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Right when things seemed to be coming together for Man City's global domination, they lose 2-0 to Bayern Munich, Edin Dzeko throws a fit after getting subbed off and Carlos Tevez refuses to play. All of this must have something to do with Mario Balotelli getting praise recently for maturing, right? Some kind of cosmic balance?

Down 2-0 at halftime, Roberto Mancini substituted Dzeko for Nigel De Jong in the 55th minute and Dzeko reacted by throwing a fit, taking off his boots on the bench and throwing them to the ground. Tevez watched this from a couple of seats down and apparently got some ideas.

When Mancini tried to sub Tevez into the match, the former captain flat-out refused. From Eurosport:

Mancini, looking visibly shocked, told a news conference: "I am really disappointed because it is Carlos.

"This can't happen in a top club - to refuse to go in to help his team-mates. What I said to Carlos is between me, him and the team.

"But if we want to improve as team Carlos can't play with us. With me, he is finished."

He explained that he asked the Argentine to come on with 35 minutes to play telling him that if he came on they could change the result from their losing 2-0 position.

Mancini said: "He refused to warm up and again refused to go on the pitch. If a player has a lot of money to play for Manchester City ... he can't play, never."

Who would've ever thought that the man who demanded a transfer at the end of last season would pull a stunt like this? Truly shocking, it is.

Meanwhile, here's a quote from Carlos Tevez from three short weeks ago (via The Scotsman):

"I'm happy at City and I'm not moving from there."

UPDATE: According to The Mirror, Tevez has given his old standby of a defense to Sky (via an interpreter):

"I want to leave because of family reasons but I keep trying to do my best."

Family reasons? His family just joined him in Manchester two weeks ago. So does he want to get away from them now after claiming he had to leave to be closer to them back in May? And how can you say that refusing to play in a Champions League match is trying to do your best? It's like Tevez is defying logic on purpose and trolling Man City at this point.

UPDATE II: Just to mess with Mancini a little more, Tevez has released the following statement claiming that he didn't refuse to play (via Soccernet):

"I would like to apologise to all Manchester City fans, with whom I have always had a strong relationship, for any misunderstanding that occurred in Munich. They understand that when I am on the pitch I have always given my best for the club.

"In Munich on Tuesday I had warmed up and was ready to play. This is not the right time to get into specific details as to why this did not happen. But I wish to state that I never refused to play.

"There was some confusion on the bench and I believe my position may have been misunderstood. Going forward I am ready to play when required and to fulfill my obligations."

And if you believe that, well, don't.

Pictures of Dzeko's tantrum right this way....

Carlos Tevez refuses to play, Mancini says he’s finished at City

Carlos Tevez refuses to play, Mancini says he’s finished at City

Carlos Tevez refuses to play, Mancini says he’s finished at City

Said Mancini of Dzeko (via the Guardian's Daniel Taylor): "He will sit the next game next to me."

Ouch. That seems like an even harsher punishment than Tevez is getting.

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