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Own goals can be wacky events, but this is like something out of a Three Stooges short. In the 25th minute of a Brazilian second-division match between Santo Andre and Portuguesa de Desportos on Tuesday, Santo Andre's Vitor Hugo slipped as he went to clear the ball and ended up scoring an own goal with his backside.

[Amazing behind-the-back touchdown grab]

It takes a couple of replay angles for it to sink in, but Hugo falls on top of the ball, causing it to squirt back into his own goal. Sure, it may have been more his hip that did it than his rear end, although that's not as funny.

And while Santo Andre went on to lose 3-2, it's hard to lay blame on poor Vitor. That was a freak occurrence that would be tough to reproduce if he tried. 

Video via @futebrothers

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Dirty Tackle

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