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Chelsea have attracted some truly wonderful characters to their matches this season. First, there was Toothbrush Guy in the front row at Stamford Bridge when Chelsea hosted Man United in November, now we have a fan I'm calling Tight Shirt Man.

After Didier Drogba scored the first goal in Chelsea's vital 2-0 win over Liverpool at Anfield (set up perfectly by Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard, by the way), the camera cut to Chelsea's away support and a man in a black shirt, experiencing a level of spastic joy that can not be measured. It looked like he was trying to celebrate the goal by whipping off his shirt, then realized that he had it buttoned up asphyxiatingly tight. So he resigned himself to screaming and shaking as if an alien was about to burst out of his torso. 

Aside from these few seconds of footage, I know absolutely nothing about this man. But I do know that I want to party with him. 

Fun Fact (via @optajoe): With this victory, Chelsea became the first team in Premier League history with home and away wins against Liverpool, Arsenal, and Man United in the same season. 

(If the video gets pulled again, the gif version can be seen here.)

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Dirty Tackle

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