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The Taiwanese NMA animated news has cultivated a reputation for turning bizarre current events into insane cartoons that will haunt your dreams and with the story of Ashley Cole accidentally shooting an intern with an air rifle, they have truly outdone themselves. Starting off with the image of blood shooting out of a man's midsection like water from a busted fire hydrant, the video tells you that it won't be letting the constraints of reality hold back its Grand Theft Auto approach to reporting the news.

From there, it shows Ashley dressed as a clown and wildly putting his terrified teammates in the crosshairs of his air rifle before blasting the intern in Matrix-style bullet time. Chelsea doctors then slap giant band-aids on the kid's stomach and from there his torso becomes a ticking time bomb of projectile blood.

I'm sure even Chelsea would agree that this unfortunate incident was made worthwhile by this video.

Video via @MFUSA

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Dirty Tackle

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