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A couple weeks ago, goalkeeper Khalid Askri of Moroccan club FAR Rabat had an unwanted YouTube hit when he was a bit too quick to celebrate a penalty kick he thought he saved that ended up spinning into the goal when his back was turned.

To Askri's embarrassment, that video appeared pretty much everywhere (I'm pretty sure it was even screened at a few community-center bake sales and retirement-home functions). But, two weeks is an eternity in Internet time and people were surely starting to forget his exercise in poor judgment. Which makes it all the more unfortunate that he had to go and do this.

[Video: The most ridiculous own goal ever]

In a match against KAC Kenitra on Saturday, Askri tried to dribble away from KAC's charging striker Hicham El Aroui. This didn't work out so hot for Askri as El Aroui quickly slid in and scored to put his side up 1-0.

So how did Askri respond? He ran. He wiggled away from his teammates, pulled off his shirt and gloves, and ran away, effectively substituting himself out of the match right then and there.

What happened after this clip ends remains unclear, but Askri could have pulled a Forrest Gump and just kept running. 

Video via 101gg

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Dirty Tackle

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