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Rafa Marquez hasn't made many friends this season. First he told the press that his teammates aren't good enough for him and now, after New York's 1-0 home loss in the first leg of their playoff tie against the L.A. Galaxy, he earned a red card for starting a post-match scuffle by throwing the ball at Landon Donovan.

During the tiff, L.A.'s Juninho hit Stephen Keel in the face, causing Keel to fall over at the exact same time Marquez went down, seemingly for no good reason. Maybe he could feel his teammates pain. Like twins. Donovan, meanwhile, walked through the trouble with a "haters gonna hate" look on his face.

The referee issued red cards to both Marquez and Juninho, which will keep them both out of the second leg in L.A. Which is something New York fans probably won't be too upset about.

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Dirty Tackle

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