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Teams pushing the boundaries of creativity with their elaborate goal celebrations of late have some competition in prop-wielding Finnish third-division club, Hango IK. After tapping in a goal in their recent 4-1 win over LPS, HIK's trio of Brazilians, Bruno Gomes, Alysson and Marcelo Matrone (the only three non-Finnish players on the team) rushed to the touchline to collect a blonde wig and sunglasses from their propmaster as Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance" began to ring out. A quick choreographed routine and the lifting up of the fake Gaga later, they hastily shed their costumes and got back to the match.

Had it not been for the actual song, it would have been difficult to tell by the generic blonde wig alone that they were going for a Gaga bit, though. Not to be overly critical, but an outfit made entirely of Beanie Babies and movie blood would have been truly impressive. So in the absence of that, I'd have to say my favorite part of the clip was all the other players in position to resume the match, ignoring it as you would an angry man on the street. 

Video via Blog Brasil Mundial FC

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Dirty Tackle

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