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In the second half of Inter's 3-0 win over Bari on Thursday, Cristian Chivu decided to haul off and sucker punch Bari's Marco Rossi from behind following a Samuel Eto'o free kick. Why? Who knows. But he did it and despite the protests of the Bari players, the referee didn't see it, so Chivu wasn't booked.

The television cameras, however, did catch it and anticipating an inevitable fine and/or ban, Chivu decided to issue an apology after the match. From Football Italia:

“It is difficult to explain,” Chivu told Sky Sport Italia.

“I am here because I want to apologise to Rossi, with all the dignity that I have left.

“I apologise to everyone, above all my two children who one day will watch this clip.”

Silly Chivu, just because you wear a super cool helmet doesn't mean everyone else is immune to head punches, too. 

I'm not sure why he's so certain that his children will one day watch this video, but whatever. Rossi has already accepted Chivu's apology, acknowledging that these things happen. 

The most insane part of this whole thing, though? Marco Materazzi acting as peacemaker. Clearly his body has been hijacked by an alien being.  

UPDATE: Chivu has been given a four-match ban

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Dirty Tackle

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