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What was supposed to be friendly match to celebrate the opening of a new pitch in La Paz ended with four players being sent off and the president of Bolivia kneeing an opponent in the crotch.

The match pitted President Evo Morales' Movement towards Socialism team against La Paz mayor Luis Revilla's Movement Without Fear opposition party team. As you can imagine, it only took five minutes for a match between opposing political parties to get ugly. The BBC explains what happened from there:

Mr Morales was fouled by an opposition player, Daniel Gustavo Cartagena.

In an apparent retaliation caught on video, he was seen kneeing Mr Cartagena in the genitals, sending him sprawling.

"I passed the ball and, suddenly, I got hit, and not for the first time," the president said later.

After receiving treatment for injury, Mr Morales played on, and scored a goal.

The match ended 4-4, with four players sent off, including Mr Cartagena and one of the president's bodyguards.

After the final whistle, police tried to arrest the opposition player, but were stopped by Mr Revilla, local media reported.

The report goes on to say that President Morales suffered bruising to his right thigh and was told by doctors to rest for a few days.

This isn't the first time Morales has been involved in a bit of aggro on the pitch, though. In 2006, he came away with a broken nose after a clash with an opposing goalkeeper.

I'd like to see Morales up against London mayor Boris Johnson.  

Video via Yahoo! Deportes

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Dirty Tackle

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