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This is the kind of thing that a 12-year-old persistently tries against you in FIFA 10 that has no business being attempted in real life, but for Corinthians-AL player William, it worked. During a U-18 match earlier this week, William decided to let one rip right from a kickoff. His well-aimed blast clearly caught the goalkeeper, uh, very off guard and dropped in the back of the net.

And even once the ball was in the net, the keeper still seemed utterly befuddled by what just happened. Sure, he was probably convinced that the ball would soar over the top of the crossbar, but still ... put a hand up just in case. 

Either way, as nice as that was, it would have been even more impressive if the opposing team tried it themselves on the ensuing kickoff. 

Video via 101gg

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Dirty Tackle

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