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An unlikely MLS Cup final matchup was decided by an unfortunate own goal, giving the team with the seventh-best regular-season record, the Colorado Rapids, their first ever championship.

A 34th-minute goal for Dallas from league MVP David Ferreira and an ugly 56th minute goal for Colorado from eventual match MVP Conor Casey sent it to extra time. Colorado's third and final substitute, Macoumba Kandji, nutmegged his defender and stretched to get off a toe-poke (as he sprained his knee) that Dallas' George John deflected just inside the near post for the deciding goal in the 107th minute. Colorado held on through a truly exciting second extra-time period and sealed at least a few months worth of night terrors for George John. 

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Overall, it wasn't the spectacular finale Major League Soccer would have hoped for (reality has a tendency of doing that to big matches) -- not only for the way it was decided and for the teams involved, but the frigid temperatures in Toronto kept the stands less than full and the presenter of match's MVP trophy even got Conor Casey's name wrong, calling him "Casey Conor." Which is just sad. And somehow fitting. Still, it's always fun when a club wins their first title, so congrats to the Colorado Rapids for that.

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Dirty Tackle

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